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Provider TA Session on MCO Contracting, 5/24/16: Presentations:
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Provider and MCO Forum HHSC Presentation April 5th, 2016
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Collaborative Report - December 2015
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Sunset Issue 9: NorthSTAR
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Network Development Proposed Plan (4/1/2016) Information Technology Office Infrastructure (4/15/2016) FAQ - Information Technology Office Infrastructure (5/9/2016) RFA# 2016-001 Mental Health and Substance Use Disorder Services (4/15/16) NOTICE OF SUSPENSION - RFA# 2016-001 Mental Health and Substance Use Disorder Services NOTICE OF REINSTATEMENT - RFA# 2016-001 Mental Health and Substance Use Disorder Services 5.19.16 RFA# 2016-001 Mental Health and Substance Use Disorder Services 5.19.16 FAQ - RFA# 2016-001 Mental Health and Substance Use Disorder Services 5.25.16 NOTICE OF CANCELLATION - RFP #20160501-01 Information Systems Software Development NTBHA RFP Furniture and Floor Plan NTBHA RFP 2016-07-03 YES Waiver NTBHA RFP 2016-06-01 Hotline.MCOT  

What is NorthSTAR

The NorthSTAR Program is a publicly funded managed care approach to the delivery of mental health and substance use disorder services to the eligible residents of Dallas, Ellis, Collin, Hunt, Navarro, Rockwall and Kaufman counties. NorthSTAR provides a comprehensive mental health/substance abuse benefit package for all eligible individuals, and access to benefits is determined by clinical need, not funding source.

Client services to both eligible Medicaid and medically indigent individuals are managed under contract with the State by a behavioral health organization (BHO), ValueOptions. The DSHS contract with ValueOptions outlines the requirements for performance, and is rigorously managed by NTBHA and DSHS.

The North Texas Behavioral Health Authority (NTBHA) serves as the local behavioral health (mental health and substance abuse) authority for the entire NorthSTAR service area, and functions include planning, oversight, single portal authority functions, as well as a local problem solving resource that includes ombudsman services.

The Unique NorthSTAR Approach
  • Blended funding - State and local agencies contribute wrap-around funds for a person's treatment. No longer does a person have to mine the various agencies and departments to receive services.
  • Integrated services - Mental health and substance use disorder treatment are coordinated under behavioral health, allowing integrated treatment in a single system of care.
  • Care management - Individuals receive the proper amount of cost-efficient care.
  • Data-based decision support - A modern data warehouse and decision support software is used to evaluate and manage the system of care.
  • Behavioral Health Organization - Services are provided via a fully capitated contract with a licensed behavioral health organization.
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